Friday, December 28, 2007

another game review...

Money Bags Game

The kids LOVE this game! They played it over and over the other day. As you travel around the board you get paid for doing different chores. You collect your money from the bank... but before you do, you spin the arrow. It will point to a space that may let you use all coins or will not allow you to use certain coins. For example... you could earn $.22 for your chore, but the spinner lands on no dimes.... so now you're using nickels to get your pay. It works great for my kids who sometimes get stuck in their comfort zone with certain coins. Clara leans towards dimes because she can count better by tens than by fives... with the spinner, she's forced out of this habit at times.

The math curriculum we use doesn't spend a whole lot of time on money, so this has been a fun way to work on that skill.

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