Tuesday, March 11, 2008


... is now...

I didn't realize that it was changing until I got my weekly newsletter from this in my inbox this morning. I've been meaning to type an email singing it's praises but hadn't gotten around to it. Perhaps today is the day to do that.

I started out just downloading their weekly freebies, specifically lapbooks. But lately, I've been venturing beyond the lapbooks. I have to say that it is an amazing resource for homeschoolers. They have all kinds of workbooks available (and so much more, but I haven't explored it all yet). I had been ordering regular printed workbooks when I placed my curriculum orders. With two kids, I would spend too much time running up and down the stairs to Jeff's office to photocopy pages on his little printer/scanner/copier combo thing. Plus it was an ink jet printer, which is not a big deal but I have gotten used to my laser printer. Now, with the workbooks I've ordered from CurrClick I just walk over to my printer and print two copies. Right now we're using the Spelling Grade 1 workbook with both kids (for Clara to learn and Alex for extra practice). I love being able to just click print when we want to use the workbook.

I have a whole wish list of stuff from there. I really want to do some learning center type things. Folder games and stuff that they can choose from and take to their seats to work on individually while I work the other one on something. I think this will be HUGE for Clara. She's two grades behind Alex so she doesn't have as much work as him. BUT she insists on being at the table with us the entire time we're working. Which is a good thing except when I'm constantly stumbling to find stuff for her to do. I'm thinking about some of these Take it to Your Seat books. I have a few "center" books that I've purchased but the thought of being able to just load the printer with paper, choose which pages to print versus standing there while the super slow copier combo thing scans and then prints just makes me happy! LOL!

Anyway... CurrClick is a great resource if you have multiple children or want/need to photocopy stuff from workbooks and have limited access to a copier.

Enjoy! Warning though... it's hard to stop once you get started! :-)

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