Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Things are getting pretty exciting here lately! The Iditarod officially started this past weekend so we check the status of our mushers constantly throughout the day. Current standings has Alex's musher (Gerry Willomitzer) in 3rd, our family's musher (Hugh Neff) in 7th and Clara's musher (Jennifer Freking) in 67th place. It's been fun to move our little dots along the trail.

After lunch we worked on our Iditarold stuff some more. First off was some work from our Hands of a Child Sled Dog lapbook. We learned about how dogs and mushers communicate. We had a lot of fun learning the terms mushers use to guide their dogs.

Here's Alex filling out a part of the lap book....
And Clara watching...

After the lapbook work, we sat together to read this book...Akiak by Robert J. Blake
It was such a great story! I don't know if it was just because I haven't been feeling well lately... but man, that story had me tearing up! I'm such a sap!

After the book, the kids set to work on building an igloo out of sugar cubes. I totally forgot to have something on hand to "glue" the cubes together so today they just worked on their overall design. I'll get them something to hold it all together in a day or two and then the real building will begin.

Well... that pretty much covers our school day today (well... except for our typical bookwork we did before lunch)! Hopefully we'll have more Iditarod fun before the week is over.

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