Tuesday, October 28, 2008

couch schooling

I knew it was bound to happen. Alex had it, Jeff had it.... I wanted to hope, but I knew Clara and I would have to have it at some point. Well... the stomach bug finally caught up to Clara and I on Sunday. Clara got it around 3 am and I got it that afternoon. Clara had completely bounced back from it by yesterday morning, but I was not so lucky.

So, my day was spent "couch schooling" :-)

Thankfully we have a routine for our core items and the kids work very independently. They would do their work and bring it to me to look over... and when they did they would throw a couple more saltines in my bowl or refill my ginger ale (they were being very sweet yesterday).

After lunch, they asked if they could hang out with me and watch school movies. Well... since it didn't involve me leaving the couch... why not? :-)

So, we finally sat down to watch this movie...

The Story of 1

I had requested it from Netflix about a month ago and we had just never sat down to watch it. It was recommended in the parents' resource section of the Living Math lesson plan I had purchased. I was afraid that it would be boring for the kids and over their heads. I'm so glad we watched it! I'm not saying that the kids got it all... but they got a lot out of it and it was very entertaining! I learned a lot about the history of numbers from this DVD. I learned math in school... but I don't remember learning anything about where numbers came from and how counting began. It's been fascinating.

After that we watched a couple of Magic School Bus shows that we had recorded.

It was nice to know that we could get so much accomplished without me ever leaving the couch. Thankfully, I'm feeling much better today so we're back to a regular school day today!

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