Monday, December 8, 2008

December Read Alouds

I know I have Farmer Boy listed on the right, but the kids voted to "pause" the book for the month and read Christmas books instead.

First of all... I got the bright idea to read A Christmas Carol aloud to the kids. See... Clara had chosen the Barbie Christmas Carol movie for her movie pick last weekend. Although I thought it was a well done movie, it was not quite the same story. The kids said that they would like to hear the real story, so I found our copy of the book and the shelf and started reading. Ugh.... the language was too much for them. Their eyes glazed over a page or two into the book.... so we abandoned the book. So they at least get some exposure to the actual story, I downloaded an audio recording of the story from Kiddie Records.

So, now I was without a Christmas book. On my next trip to the library I started looking around for a new read aloud. I ended up with two. First off is this book...

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

So far, so good on this one. Although the kids in the book are so out of control that it gets to Alex a bit. It's a short book so I'm hoping we'll be getting to the "best" part of the Christmas Pageant so Alex can relax some.

The second book I picked up is this...
Kit's Surprise: A Christmas Story, 1934

We'll probably use the lapbook kit I got from CurrClick as we read the book. Needless to say, Clara is very excited about this read aloud.

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