Friday, July 3, 2009

science fair

I just realized that I never posted anything further about Alex's science fair project after my initial post. Life got crazy and we barely got the thing done and presented before he left for camp.

Because he was going to be at camp during the actual science fair, the museum was very kind in letting him present early. So, a couple days before we left to take him to camp, he gave his presentation...
His experiment went well. It was really interesting to see how things turned out. Alex's hypothesis was that salt would make the best desiccant... but according to his experiment, the natron mixture did indeed make the best desiccant. I have quite a few photos of the end of the experiment but I'm being lazy at the moment.

Alex's presentation also went well. He was excited and knowledgeable about his subject.

What didn't go well was his paper. A couple of things were working against him here.... one, he hasn't done a lot of writing (something to work on for next year) and two, he was already mentally at camp when he set down to write the report. Oh well.

So, needless to say, Alex did not place at the science fair.... but he had a great time doing his project and learned a great deal from it. He's excited to work on a project for next year's science fair. Hopefully he'll take what he learned from this year's science fair and apply it to his new project.

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