Thursday, April 3, 2008

brief summary of our day

I vegged on the couch too late tonight and now I just want to get to bed! :-)

Today was a good, but tough day. After her stellar day of reading yesterday, Clara got overconfident in her reading ability and insisted on reading things well above her level. It's good to have ambition but you've got to have some patience too. The more she insisted on reading, the more frustrated she got. I finally made her stop, gave her some new Dr. Seuss books to work on and dealt with the fallout a bit. But at bedtime she was happily reading through her stack of Dr. Seuss again.

We had a really low key day since the first part of our week was so hectic. This afternoon we read a book on coral reefs and watched the Reading Rainbow episode that went with it. It was cool that I was able to find both the book and the DVD at the library the other day... however, the DVD was so scratched that it caused more frustration than anything else.

After that we read a book on Sea Turtles (this is the book that Clara insisted on reading and got frustrated with). It was a beautiful, well written book... fabulous illustrations. I'll have to add the title and author tomorrow if anyone is interested. They also used the book to figure out which type of sea turtle our plush puppet is... its a green sea turtle. :-)

For something new I'm trying, I gave them each a list of terms related to our Hawaii study and had them build the words with our alphabet cards. Alex enjoyed it and did both his list and Clara's. Clara had a bad attitude by then and barely made it through her own list....

The last thing we did was watch the IMAX film, Hidden Hawaii. I had gotten it from I love Netflix for all of the educational dvds that they have and the fact that I can get almost all.. if not all of the IMAX films from them. I must say though, that the reviews were right, this was a dull one. Alex seemed mildly interested in it... Clara fell asleep. I have a couple more IMAX movies in my queue for our Hawaii unit... I'm hoping those are more exciting.

Okay... for a brief summary, this has gotten rather long! I have to go and post to my other blog real quick so I can go to bed!

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Joyce said...

I love visiting your blog and sorry I don't get here enough!

I wish I could be a student in your school - how interesting!!!

I love the green & white rug the dc work on frequently. I'd be mesmerized by the swirl and trace that path if I were young again and hanging out on the floor learning and having fun. :)

What a cool mom you are!!!