Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sick day

I've finally rejoined the land of the living! :-)

The bad thing about being a homeschooling mom is that you can't really take a sick day. However, the kids were great and we managed to do quite a bit of school even though I never really left the couch all day. :-)

They did their seat work on their own and then played some of their school computer games. After they fixed themselves lunch and ate, Clara came over and asked if it was okay if they had quiet time so I could take a nap. Sure, twist my arm! So they read for 45 minutes or so. Alex finished the Boxcar Children book he was reading and Clara read through her whole stack of readers that I had just picked up from the library on Monday... sigh. I just can't seem to keep enough books around to keep her happy. Hopefully she'll be ready for longer books soon.

After that I sent them out to the back deck to play for a bit since it was nice out. They came in after a bit and asked if they could hang out with me and watch school movies. I just happened to have a couple from that we hadn't watched yet. So we watched the following movies...

Reading Rainbow: Ocean Life
The kids really enjoy the Reading Rainbow dvd's. The first episode was about whales and they go on a whale watch. The kids were beyond excited since there's a chance that we might see humpback whales on our trip. They really enjoyed the manatee episode as well.

The Living Sea (IMAX)
The IMAX movies are always good for gorgeous visuals... although they're usually light on actual information. The funny thing about this particular movie is that I can remember seeing it at the Museum of Science and Industry while Jeff and I were still dating.

Again, it wasn't what I had planned for the day as far as school but for me never really leaving the couch, we did okay! :-) Today I'm fine (it was just a food reaction the other night) so hopefully we'll be back on track and can start our sea shell stuff today so we can do volcanoes tomorrow!

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