Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a fun little find from the library

Last night at the library was one of those nights where I was frustrated. I like to have stacks of library books to strew around the house for the kids to pick up and read. I usually pick up books related to our history study... but right now our history topic doesn't have many books available.

So... I wandered around aimlessly, pulling random books off of the shelves and putting them into our library bag. This book was one of the random books I brought home...

I brought it out at dinner to look it over and quickly discovered what a gem it is. It is a whole book of folk tales for the kids to figure out! The kids asked me to read the first one aloud while we ate and the next thing I knew were totally hooked! They loved trying to figure out the answer to each story... it really got them thinking! I don't think that they've figured one out without hints yet, but even when I have to give them the answer, they have really enjoyed going back through and seeing how that answer works. They begged to do some more at breakfast this morning!

Anyway... I just thought I would share this find since so far we're really enjoying it!

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Jessica said...

thanks for the tip! This book looks great!