Friday, February 6, 2009

one more Egypt dvd...

I had forgotten about having this one in my Netflix queue until it showed up on Wednesday. We almost didn't watch it because we had watched several different documentaries about the pyramids already.... but the kids seemed interested in it so I put it in yesterday.

Building the Great Pyramid

I'm glad that I did. It was a completely different DVD than what we had previously watched. This was a fictionalized account of the life of one of the workers on the Great Pyramid. It followed him from the time when he was called from his small village into the service of the Pharaoh until the completion of the pyramid. Reviewers on Amazon appear to either love it or hate it. Perhaps those that hate it were expecting a more traditional documentary. That's what I was expecting... however, was very pleasantly surprised by this different view of the same information. The kids liked it too... of course, Alex more than Clara, but I wouldn't have expected anything different. :-)

I know what you mean, Angel... I tend to forget about Netflix too. Those other two movies I mentioned earlier this week had been sitting on our end table since before Christmas... sigh. I'm trying to get better about utilizing it... especially since the DVDs we've gotten from the library lately have been scratched to the point that they were unwatchable.

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Angel Reuther said...

Wow, thanks! I think I'll put this one on my list instead. My daughter would love a fiction story even better. She enjoys history much more when it is a story about people instead of just facts.