Wednesday, October 28, 2009

it happened...

I had been interested in the literature rich approach of Sonlight for years... I loved reading the stories about kids who just couldn't put down their readers because they loved the stories that much. But at the same time, I worried that it just wouldn't work that way for us. Alex is a voracious reader at times but he also likes to read what he wants to read and has stacks of started then abandoned books in his room.

Well... it has happened... the begging of "mom, can I please read more than is assigned"... "mom, is it okay if I just finish the book".... "please, it's really getting good". I LOVE it!!! I know it won't be this way with every Sonlight book (and it hasn't been... although he has finished every book so far without complaint) but it just warms my heart so when it does. He loves history and has a better relationship with it since it's coming through literature versus a text book.

I'm so glad that it has happened for us!

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