Monday, October 19, 2009

Where in Chicago is Alex?

Alex is taking a homeschool poetry writing class with the theme of "building poems". They had a homework assignment recently... to solve several clues to identify several Chicago landmarks and then go and visit them. We're running a bit behind on this assignment but managed to get out this morning to visit the landmarks....

(no clue why he posed like that)

There was one more on our list, but Alex visited that one with his grandfather over the weekend. They visited the Hancock Building but those photos are on my point and shoot and I'm too lazy at the moment to download them.

Anyway... we had a great time and it was a BEAUTIFUL day out... I just wished we had had more time to explore... oh well... we'll just have to go back!

I'll have the answers later!


Tracy said...

What? No prizes if we guess them all correctly? :-)

aly in va said...

what a fun outing.