Wednesday, February 27, 2008

it doesn't hurt to ask

That's my new homeschooling mantra! LOL!

Well... seriously, what's the worst that could happen? They could say "no", right? But that's not too bad... especially when you consider that part of the time they say "yes".

Here's what we learned by asking this week (well... one thing I asked about a few weeks ago but it is happening this week).

1. Monday at the Notebaert Nature Museum we learned by asking that homeschoolers are welcome in the Teacher Resource Room. We also learned that we are welcome to materials on their freebie shelf and we are able to check out their theme bags and boxes. The boxes look super cool... but I didn't feel like dragging one home on the bus that day. So instead I checked out a literature theme bag...
filled with this....
They have a bunch of different themes on several different reading levels.

2. Yesterday at the Art Institute, by asking in the Teacher Resource Center, I got an Educator's Pass that gives me free general admission to the museum.

3. And finally, a few weeks ago I got an email newsletter from a business here in Chicago. They were running an educational workshop on a Saturday. I asked if they would consider running an additional workshop during the week for our homeschool group. They said "yes" and we go on Friday to see their presentation and participate in the activities they've lined up.

Have you asked for any cool homeschool stuff?

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