Thursday, February 28, 2008

"schoolish" school

How's that for a title? LOL!

We usually don't do a lot of worksheets, just because as homeschoolers with a class size of two students... we tend to answer questions orally. Well, the teachers guides that came with the set of books we checked out from the Nature Museum have worksheets you can photocopy in the back. I asked the kids if they were interested in doing them and they enthusiastically began jumping up and down! So, for each book we read, I hand them the worksheets that go with it to work on. I'm letting them work together and without my help (although I am within earshot so I can hear to make sure that Alex isn't completely taking over and doing it all). They love doing them!

Here are just a few that we've done so far....

We've only got a couple more books to go before we finish the set. I guess I'll be checking another bag out when I return this one.

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