Friday, February 8, 2008


Thank goodness it's Friday! Except for that means I leave tomorrow on a trip and have to get my act together and type out homeschooling instructions for my in-laws since they'll be here with the kids next week. Our schedule isn't that difficult to put down on paper... I'm just procrastinating! :-)

We had a good morning with no fighting at the table while we did our book work. The kids were extremely motivated to get along because as soon as their schoolwork was done they could get the lego kit back out again.

After our seat work was done, we worked on our Iditarod stuff a little. In the book, Dashing through the Snow, that we read a while back there was a list of what the Junior Iditarod mushers carried on their sleds. So, today we decided to pack our sled for the Iditarod. Not very fancy and not terribly accurate, but the kids had fun with it....
I had saved the packet of ads from last Sunday's paper for this project... but perhaps the most helpful publication for this project was the LLBean winter catalog (which I found by cleaning out a bin of Christmas catalogs I had forgotten all about). They got the basic idea, although I'm sure some of these things are very far from the actual equipment that would be used.
Like my fancy sled drawing? LOL!

After this they got back to their lego kit. We took a break to run some errands. And then they went back to the lego kit again... only for a brawl to break out a short time later which resulted in the legos being packed up for a while... sigh.

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