Wednesday, January 14, 2009

diagramming sentences = fun?

I never thought so... and quite frankly, neither did Alex. That is, until yesterday.

I typed a bunch of sentences out and printed them. I then handed him scissors and hand drawn sentence diagrams for him to use.

He then went to town cutting up his sentences and diagramming them...
It was pretty cool to watch. He actually got really into it! He kept yelling out all kinds of revelations he was having as he diagrammed. He actually could see relationships and really "get" the concepts when the grudge work of actually writing everything out was removed. I'm not saying that he's never going to have to write things out again.... but removing that element, especially when learning new concepts really helps with Alex.

I'm not sure why I couldn't see this before. I think it is possibly because I get caught up in the way I learned in school.... so many work sheets and so much writing.... all individual work with little interaction with the teacher (or the actual material for that matter). This all goes along with my homeschooling epiphany I referenced the other day.... I must get around to writing that post.


Audrey said...

I absolutely LOVED diagramming sentences in school -- that's how I learned grammar, in fact. When I was teaching, I would go back to that with certain students, because it's what they needed in order to grasp the concepts.

Alycia in Va. said...

Looks like fun. I may recommend it to the English teacher at my school as a fun extra "learning center" for remediation. Much better than the traditional worksheet.