Sunday, January 25, 2009

spoiled rotten

You know... as homeschoolers here in Chicago we really run the risk of becoming COMPLETELY spoiled rotten, don't you think?

I mean, seriously, we have so many fabulous opportunities here. We took part in one on Friday.

We went on a "musical journey"...
... with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to Russia...
It was part of their Very Special Promenade field trip series.

For $10 a seat, we were in a box in the Symphony Center... the box smack dab in the middle! We were watching and listening to the CSO... AND watching dancers from the Joffrey perform selections from Swan Lake and the Nutcracker! The conductor was wonderful... engaged with the kids and educational. It was truly amazing!! Add to all of this that we were sharing the box with our homeschooling friends.

We're spoiled I tell you... totally spoiled :-)

(I had to make due with program photos today, as no photography was allowed)


Katie said...

yes, you really make me want to move to Chicago! LOL!

JM said...

Came across your blog while doing a search for McGuffey readers, of all things. Anyway, I just had to concur. I do not live in Chicago but do live in a major city and the conveniences here for homeschoolers are just amazing. The ready availability of not just music concerts, but museums, zoos, interesting parks and nature walks, are too numerous to mention. I know there is a huge push in the hs community to move away from the city but, after growing up in the country, I don't think a bigger plot of land is worth the tradeoff. :-)