Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ack!!! Why is it...

... at this time every year I get the itch to totally rework our homeschool plan? Is it the new year thing? Is it mid-year burn out?

I think maybe I'll start by rambling here in the next couple of days about what we're currently using for each subject and what I like and dislike about each to see if anyone out there has any suggestions. I keep trying to find this perfect mix of The Well Trained Mindand Charlotte Mason... sigh. I've been rereading The Well Trained Mind so perhaps its time for me to balance it out with another read through of The Charlotte Mason Companion.

I do this every year... am I the only one?

1 comment:

Kim & Dave said...

I'm sure you're not.

But, I'm not one of those, LOL.

I am WAY too stuck in a groove! (that's NOT a good thing)