Thursday, January 17, 2008

Atelier Homeschool Art...

... and a little bit of a trip down memory lane. :-)

Angel asked the other day about Atelier Homeschool Art... so I thought I would just post about it.

First of all... we have only used one level, so my commentary here is restricted just to Level 1. We have all three modules. This is our second year with that level because we've been working through it rather sporadically. I didn't purchase the art prints... not regretting that yet, but we've only done one of the artist appreciation lessons so far. I also didn't get their package of art supplies. At the time I picked up Atelier, we were living in Texas in the 'burbs, so I just watched the Hobby Lobby sales for the items I needed and went in and purchased just those items that were on sale. Now we're in the city and not only do I not go to the art supply store as regularly, I usually have to carry everything home. That tends to change my opinion on buying the supply packages for things. :-)

Level 1 is pretty basic... but still enough of a challenge for my kiddos. We enjoy the instruction we get from the DVD. For most projects, the instruction is step by step. I just stand ready with the remote so I can pause it while we work. As for your question, Angel, about getting enough instruction from a DVD. We've never taken a formal art class.... but I can't imagine that it is the same as an actual class. BUT... they are getting great instruction.... much better than I would be able to do on my own (if left to my own devices, the projects I tend to tackle lean more toward crafts v. art). We also have no room in our schedule to add a formal art class. I would love to at some point, but at this moment we have too much time tied up in gymnastics, dance, music lessons, etc.

I also enjoy being able to do the projects along with them rather than needing to "instruct" them. I'm there to help out and since I'm doing it too, I have the familiarity with the project... but I'm not actually teaching them how to do it. I love that since it's DVD based you get to see in large full color format what it is you are trying to do. And, they show a classroom of kids doing the project too... which helps confirm that there are a lot of different outcomes for the same project (if you have a perfectionist in your home like I!). Oh... and one more thing... the prep time is practically zero. I purchased all of the art material before we started school last year so I just look at the materials sheet for the specific project we're getting ready to do and grab just those items.

I love their projects... (here's my trip down memory lane... this is from 9/06)... in this project the kids learned about color mixing while learning about Picasso and creating their own version of his work...
Here were worked on line drawings by drawing a familiar character... the cat in the hat...
This I just posted the other day... but here the kids learned to tell a story through a series of pictures...
I love Level 1 but I think we've spent enough time on it... I'm ready to finish up and move on to the next level.

So... my summary (sorry, I ramble).... Atelier is a great program if you don't have access to or time to take an art class. Honestly, I would probably still use it even if we were taking a class. The kids love it on those days when they need a break to do something "fun" and I love how easy it is to use!

I hope that helps Angel... if you have more questions... please let me know!

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Angel Reuther said...


Thanks so much. That does help a lot. My friend and I are thinking about doing it with all our kids. I tried to search for a homeschool review, but wasn't able to find much. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I have really enjoyed your blogs.