Monday, January 28, 2008

a pleasant surprise

It amuses me to see Clara imitate with her toys what we do for school. Since we've been doing the "living math" approach for her... she has decided to teach her toys math using the same method. So, the other night at bedtime we rounded up all of the counting books we could find in her room so she could read and count with her stuffed animals before going to sleep.

While digging... this book emerged from the depths of her bookcase...
Hello Kitty: Hello Numbers

I remembered buying it but I hadn't ever given it much thought. It was just a book she wanted to buy (probably at the 75% off book store) because of Hello Kitty on the cover.

Well... I flipped through it real quick and saw that it was a cute little counting book.... and best of all, it went BEYOND ten (it goes to 20)! So, today for her math time, we got out the Hello Kitty book and read it. It was great to give her more practice forming the numbers 11-20 with her blocks. And then the big bonus was the set of punch out flash cards we found in the back.

She worked quite a while with putting them in order... mixing them up and doing it all over again.

We got some new math books at the library today... I'll check them out tomorrow when we do math and see if I got any worth mentioning here.

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