Monday, January 14, 2008


I sense a school project brewing! This a picture of my kids studying the Burpee Seed catalog over breakfast last Friday. Ever since we went our neighborhood's garden walk last summer, Alex has been determined to have our house entered this year. That should be interesting since we have no yard... only a deck. I talked to the coordinators and anyone can participate even if their entire garden is in containers. So, with the arrival of the catalog, the planning has begun.

And while we're this far into, I might as well throw some school in too. Right now I'm trying to decide between something smaller scale like the Hands of a Child Botany Lapbook kit or full out like Apologia Exploring Creation with Botany. I flip flop daily on which one I want to do. Perhaps we should get through Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy first and see which one we have time for after that. We will probably continue to do our botany program through the summer while our garden is growing.

This should be an interesting project. I have no clue what will grow successfully on our covered deck (there are two units above us). Alex has grand visions of it looking something like a Tournament of Roses Parade float. We'll see.... LOL!

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