Monday, January 7, 2008

totally gross

Totally Gross Game

Apparently we play a lot of games.... lol! Clara got Alex this game for Christmas (however, the one he got is the mini version, it was about half the price of the one linked to and fits into a small tin... it doesn't include the "lab cards" mentioned or the slime... hmmm... we could be missing out on something fun here).

Okay... we played the game today as our post-lunch, pre-getting back to the books activity. For my kids (ages 6 and 7) it works best for me to be "keeper of the cards" and do all of the reading. So they rolled the die and answered the questions but I got to sit in the comfy chair and read cards. The questions range from intriguing to totally gross. Alex thought they were hilarious since most of them had to do with bodily functions (a lot of "poop" questions and even one about what would happen to you if you peed on an electric fence). Most of them seemed to have a decent scientific explanation to go with the answer. There was one evolution related question about eyebrows (did they have a purpose or were they just left over from when we evolved from apes?). Being the reader of the cards, I got to edit that one and just left it as "do eyebrows have a purpose?".

I can't believe I totally forgot the Gross Out cards. If you land on certain spaces you get to draw a "gross out" card and if you do the activity listed you get to move another space. So far we haven't gotten anything too terribly gross. Today, only Alex landed on a gross out space and all he had to do was blink as many times as he could in 20 seconds. However, the other one on the card was to "groom" the person sitting next to you. Nothing my kids think twice about doing... however, in a year or two in a mixed group of friends, they might seem more of a "gross out".

I'm not sure I could totally count playing this game as a school activity... but its a fun game that the kids enjoy that does have some redeeming educational qualities.

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