Wednesday, January 30, 2008

math books - january 28th

Since our Mondays have gotten really crazy and I have to haul my library bag all over the city that day... my new additions each week to our library basket at home are going to be limited.

Construction Countdown by K.C. Olson
Perhaps I had a momentary lapse and thought that I was picking out books for Alex instead of Clara. I remember doing this one with him when he was in kindergarten. It was a perfect boy counting book. It's a nice book that covers counting down from 10, however, Clara is rather luke warm about the subject matter of the book... sigh.

One Lonely Seahorse
Okay... you know I vent about the abundance of books that cover counting 1-10 and the few that go beyond. Well... this is another 1-10 book but the amazing photographs make this forgivable for me.. lol! All of the creatures and scenes in the book are made from produce and they are just fascinating to look at!

and finally....

We All Went on Safari by Laurie Krebs
This book was a fun find! It is a "counting journey through Tanzania". Again another 1-10 book but the additional content in this book makes it a favorite. For each number, a member of the group counts a different animal native to the area. It gives the name of the person and in the back of the book you can read about the meanings of the Swahili names. After reading the descriptions Alex and Clara picked out Swahili names for themselves. Each page also includes the Swahili word for each number.

The back of the book contains a nice collection of information. There's a two page spread with facts about the animals they encountered on their safari (plus the Swahili names). There's a nice page about the Maasai people and a page of Tanzania facts too. Oh... and of course, there's a map. We got our globe as well.

Some days our random math books from the library are a disappointment and other days we find some gems!

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